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MyGreenOil Users' Comments.
S.No. Name Profession Contact No. Users' Comments
1 Mr. Javed Salesman 0300-265-6986 I used to fill Rs. 500/- petrol and run 250km. After using MGO, my motorcycle's milage went up to 325km in same amount of petrol.
2 Mr. Khursheed Alam     I used to fill 10 liters petrol in toyota corolla and runs 55km, after added MGO my car's milage went up to 73km in same amount of petrol and sound of engine became better too. I am very happy with this product.
3 Mr. Muhammad Saqib Business
Paras Computer
0334-366-9270 I fill my bike's tank for Rs. 300/- and used to run for 4 days from my house to office, after using MGO my bike runs for 7 days for the same distance.
4 Mr. Muhammad Ali Student 0315-241-7429 Pick up is good after using MGO and milage increase up to 25%