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MyGreenOil is a unique formula of high-quality esters. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous and free of carcinogens. The unique natural esters in MyGreenOil is made up of 100% plant quintessence, it is not derived from petroleum and is biodegradable. Laboratory tests confirm that MyGreenOil is clean and safe upon ignition, reducing emissions without adding any of its own components to the exhaust and is 99.99% ash-less upon combustion.
Appearance : Pale Yellow to Golden Yellow if undyed.
Boiling Point : Over 200*C at 760mm HG Pressure.
Flash Point : > 149°C.
Specific Gravity : 0.86 at 25°C.
PH : 7.0
Toxicity : None Toxic.
Hazardous Chem : None Hazardous.
Odor : Fruity.
Solubility in H2O : Negligible at room temperature.
Flammability : None Flammable.
Ash Content : < 0.001%