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My Green Oil is a Multifunctional Breakthrough Fuel Reformulator. When mixed with fuel, it immediately change normal fuel, making it a super efficient fuel which performs at optimum value, resulting in multiple benefits such as :
1.     FUEL SAVINGS – from the ever increasing cost of fuel
2.     INCREASED POWER & PERFORMANCE – giving optimum value for net gain against cost
3.     REDUCED MAINTENANCE COSTS – from expensive engine wear and tear
4.     REDUCED EMMISSIONS – from harmful toxic exhaust emissions
My Green Oil can reformulate any kind of liquid fuel such as ; petrol, diesel, light fuel, medium fuel, heavy (bunker) fuel or biodiesel.
My Green Oil creates immediate economic savings when used for cars, trucks, boats, motorcycle, diesel powered engines, generator sets, lawn, garden and farm equipments, furnaces, burners, boilers and all kinds of industries that use large amounts of fuel.
My Green Oil is a unique formula of high-quality natural esters. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous and free of carcinogens. The unique natural esters in My Green Oil is made up of 100% plant quintessence, it is not derived from petroleum and is biodegradable. Laboratory tests confirm that My Green Oil is clean and safe upon ignition, reducing emissions without adding any of its own components to the exhaust and is 99.99% ash-less upon combustion.
In normal circumstances, fuel in any engine burns incompletely and gets worse as the engine gets older. This inefficient burn leaves unburned wasted fuel, which becomes dangerous hydrocarbon exhaust emissions polluting the environment. Exhaust is essentially unburned fuel or wasted fuel. Besides exhaust gases, inefficient combustion also creates carbon build up in your engine, which robs power and performance from the engine.
When My Green Oil is added to normal fuel, oxygenation occurs at the molecular level changing normal fuel to become high quality super efficient fuel, allowing it to burn more completely in an efficient manner. Less wastage and more efficient burning results in reduced fuel consumption and translate into better mileage for every tank. Instead of being exhausted in the form of toxic emissions, unused fuel is now saved in the fuel tank, waiting to be used efficiently by the engine. Efficient fuel use also means improved engine performance. On average, our customers have reportedly achieved a 15% to 50% increase in fuel mileage. Increased mileage creates fuel savings by producing a net gain in mileage above cost.
Efficient combustion means efficient fuel use which translates into improved engine performance. A more complete combustion process obtains increased power from each engine revolution. Tests have proven that when MyGreenOil is added into fuel, it is able to increase horsepower, torque and acceleration, without the usual side effects such as high engine temperatures, louder engine noise and increased wear. In fact, MyGreenOil is proven to do just the opposite. While Power and Performance improves, engine temperature, noise, vibration, wear and tear becomes significantly lower, protecting the engine in the long run.
MyGreenOil is proven to provide savings from high engine maintenance and repair costs. The unique blend
of 100% natural esters adds lubricating and cleansing properties to the fuel.
Internal components of the engine benefit from the lubricating and cleansing properties of MyGreenOil, this
includes the fuel lines, filters, carburettors, spark plugs, injectors and all engine seals, keeping them tighter
and longer lasting.
The cleansing properties of Natural Esters in MyGreenOil also prevent new carbon deposits and remove old
deposits, which robs the engine of power and performance. As a result, horsepower and torque returns closer
to the manufacturer’s specifications. Less carbon also results in cleaner and longer lasting spark plugs and
engine oil lubricants, providing significant savings on maintenance costs.
After several weeks of continuous use, these natural esters which have very small molecular structures starts
penetrating the imperfections on the metal surfaces of the engine, forming a lubricating layer of film between
all moving surfaces. As a result, the engine begins to run noticeably smoother with less power-robbing friction
and heat. Engine performance & engine efficiency continues to improve measurably, over a period of months.
A cleaner, more lubricated engine runs at cooler temperatures and runs smoother with unnecessary vibrations,
protecting the engine from expensive repairs and requiring less maintenance while extending its life.
MyGreenOil provides an immediate, cost-effective strategy for fighting air pollution and greening our planet.
The unique reformulation process causes fuel to burn more efficiently and optimises combustion. This significantly reduces harmful toxic exhaust emissions.
MyGreenOil is non-toxic, non-hazardous and free of carcinogens. The unique natural esters in MyGreenOil is
made up of 100% plant quintessence, it is not derived from petroleum and is biodegradable. Laboratory tests
confirm that MyGreenOil is clean and safe upon ignition, reducing emissions without adding any of its own
components to the exhaust and is 99.999% ash-less upon combustion.
When MyGreenOil reformulates fuel, exhaust emissions have been proven to be reduced by more than 80%.
Other emissions reduced are hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), particulate
matter (PM) and other harmful by-products of combustion.
MyGreenOil is making a difference in the world by making the air of our environment cleaner. It is the easiest,
fastest, safest and most cost effective way of reducing air pollution resulting from vehicles and industries that
burns fuel. Anyone can make a difference in air quality and protection of the environment immediately by just
adding MyGreenOil into their fuel tank. Unlike other environmental solutions, MyGreenOil does not require
expensive equipment, complicated installations or modifications to immediately benefit from it.