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MyGreenOil is a multi-functional fuel reformulator. When mixed with any liquid fuel, it immediately changes normal fuel, making it a super efficient fuel which performs at optimum value, resulting in multiple benefits to the consumers.
MyGreenOil can reformulate any kind of liquid fuel such as; all kinds of petrol, diesel, light fuel, medium fuel, heavy (bunker) fuel or biodiesel.
MyGreenOil brings economic savings when used for cars, trucks, RV’s boats, motorcycle, diesel powered engines, generator sets, lawn, garden, farm equipment, furnaces, burners, boilers and industries that use large amount of fuel.
Mix 1 ml of MyGreenOil to every 1000ml (1liter) of Petrol.
Example: For 50 liters of petrol, mix 50 ml of MyGreenOil
Mix 1.2ml of MyGreenOil to every 1000ml (1liter) of Diesel.
Example: for 50 liters of Diesel, mix (50x1.2) = 60 ml of MyGreenOil
Many people make the mistake of expecting optimal fuel economy results on the first tank of fuel mixed with MyGreenOil. Although the majority of the people do get results on the very first tank, there are people who don’t.
For Diesel Powered Engines / Generators / Heavy Loading Vehicals: Please add 1.2 ml of MGO 5 in 1 Liter Diesel 48 Hours before application to get optimum level of savings.
Please remember that your engine has been running on incomplete combustion for a long time and as such carbon deposits would have already built up. The first application of MyGreenOil clears away this carbon deposits, thus preparing the way for more efficient combustion thereafter.